I strongly believe that remarkable books do a lot more than telling good stories. In my opinion, an impressing book engrosses you, while leaving you intellectually richer than you were beforehand. This is my personal definition of a good book. A good book should transpose you to another time, and transmit all sorts of feelings and inner experiences. A novel should take you to unfamiliar places and times, and make you feel as if you’ve become part of them, and it should provoke your mind while entertaining it.

By creating this blog, I wanted to share my personal opinions regarding the books I read, and the characters in them, the struggles they go through, and the role they play in shaping their personality.

Being a college student, I find that reading plays a fundamental part in contouring the way in which we perceive the world and everything we experience. Not to mention that it expands our minds and challenges our creativity. Apart from reading, I’m also interested in foreign languages; that’s why I chose to study Spanish, Chinese and French.

To some extent, learning foreign languages implies time and dedication. Similar to reading, foreign languages make one more open towards different viewpoints and less prejudicial towards people who think differently. In a sense, I consider that foreign languages allow us to appreciate cultural diversity, limiting the barriers between peoples from distinct countries. They also liberalize our experiences, making us more tolerant, flexible and empathic. As you can see, these are the main reasons why I am so keen on literature and languages. These two fields incorporate my deepest values while being intellectually compelling. That being said, this blog consists of essays regarding the novels and books that changed me, in a way or another, and I hope that they will play a role in shaping you, as well.