Monday, August 29, 2011

Inspiration Vacation!

We went to visit the Grandparents on our vacation!  Oh they are so cute and old!  I can only hope my husband and I are such a cute old couple!

My Hubby Helped his grandpa in the garden a little.  Grandpa has his chairs positioned all around the garden for perfect breaks!

This swing called my name... just look at the lighting!

Grapes in his little garden... just hanging out!

Grandpa took a little too long of a break and let the artichokes bloom!

Now this wall screams GRANDMA to me!

This train is handmade by grandpa... we love ours that sits in our living room.

This is a little cubby in the kitchen I love how things are pinned all over the wall!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Strawberry sauce and changes!

(please bare with me there is some explanation before the Strawberry sauce but I think it is all worth it)

OK so I was on vacation before Vacation really began(August was the official vacation).  I got really caught up in my art work which I don't think is a bad thing AT ALL it just didn't lend itself to being blogger friendly.  I started making art dolls which look like this...

Elodie, Celeste and Joslyn!
Joslyn out in the flowers!

Anyways, I was using a lot of this summer as a time for experimenting with my art since I am about ready to start my second year of my Master of Fine Art program.  At the end of this school year I have a major show and need to turn in a dissertation so it might get crazy around my house :P

So first off I just wanted to share with you what I have been up to behind the scenes.

Secondly I got a new hair cut!!

long hair....

With this change I decided I needed a little change in my waist region too!  I was on a good track to loosing weight until I started grad school and then got married... at which time I gained 10-15 pounds back when I still have 10 pounds left to hit my original goal.... shoot.  Anyways I started Weight Watchers recently and am trying to kick my sweet tooth into shape.  With this you might see more food related posts now!

So while we were on vacation a waitress brought me out some jelly for my pancakes which I though was odd but I tried it... FANTASTIC!  With this in mind my husband and I pureed 5 cups of strawberries since fruit and veggies are 0 points!!!!

Don't ask me where the photo of the Cuisinart hand blender in action went... because I'm clueless.  I swear I got one but there is no proof obviously!

Anyways I didn't add anything to the strawberries.  They were just cut up and blended and now ready to pour all over whatever I choose!  I am sure you could add sugar if you needed but honestly it was such a quick and easy topping to make!

I dare you to make some and put it on your pancake or waffle you won't regret it!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Vacation Inspiration!

Hello All!  For the next three weeks I am on vacation visiting family and friends... craft shows, thrift stores, antique shops and many a home.  So instead of dropping out of blog land I thought I would do posts on inspiration!  However I didn't really think about it until after I had already started the vacation so pics this round aren't spectacular (i'll work on it but an iphone is an iphone ya know?)

Anyways... Allied Arts fair!  The overwhelming theme this year was Metal art!  Tons of metal garden sculpture caught my eye but this booth in particular had some great flowers!  Kind of hard to photograph though when there are so many people and things everywhere!
Love the glass balls too!

If only I had a garden to put these in!

Waiting in the shade for the rest of the family!

We were hoping for some art for our house but everything was traditional painting or photography... a lot of plants and landscapes which isn't really our style.  To get an idea of our style here are two artists I adore!

Justin Hillgrove

Cori Dantini

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