Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Heartsy Love!

Alright I fell off the bandwagon a bit but I am BACK!  I have something to share with you that I am SO excited about!  I have a few artists I follow from Etsy and yesterday one of the posted a deal on facebook that opened up a whole new door for me!  Have you heard of Heartsy?  I hadn't till yesterday!  Heartsy is a site that has deals on handmade goods!

So this was the deal I got!  However they actually give you a $5 credit for your first purchase!  So I got this "voucher" for $17 and then went to Paola's etsy shop and ordered 5 prints which came to about the $55 dollar mark!  Seriously how rockin is that?  I am so excited!

At the checkout they gave me all the directions I needed to use my voucher!  I already used it with no delay!  You don't have to use it all at once though and it is good for 3 months from the date you purchased it... or at least mine was!  I just blacked out the code part on the image above not because I don't trust you all but... Safety first!

Anyways they have lots of new deals all the time!  Anything from clothing to art to bath products!  There are only so many vouchers for each offer though.  I have my eye on another art one but I promised my husband I would wait until the 1st to get it... we will see if the deal is still on then or not.  Either way I'll be ok because it's better to save money!

If you haven't already go check out Heartsy and tell me what you are loving!

Have you scored any great deals on Heartsy?

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Owl makeover!

I fell off the radar this last week since I am in Seattle visiting family and taking an art class.  However the intensive class is over (I had a TOTAL blast) and now I am playing the catch up game!  Right before I left for Seattle there was a great break in weather so I went spray paint crazy!

This owl set of Salt and Pepper shakers were already so cute but didn't really fit our apartment style so I gave them a green summer makeover.

Then since I was on a roll I busted out my yellow spray paint for a .50 cent Owl wall hanging I had.  

The owl was a little shabby and not in a good way as it was so I wanted a clean makeover that gave it a contemporary edge.  Solid stand out pieces work well in our apartment so once it finds a space on the wall this lovely will look so cute!

I have a few more projects that were left half done and a few that my husband started to tackle for me so I am excited to head home but I have a little longer in Seattle still.  It seriously feels wrong to be away from all my craft stuff.  I sit here at night not knowing what to do at all.  I have started drawing though which has been an interesting adventure that shows some promise.

What are you lovelies up to?

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Fathers Day Gift!

I actually had a really hard time trying to figure out what to get or make my Gpa for Fathers day!  What do you get for the man who has everything?  Well after wandering around Hobby Lobby for an hour I came up with something that didn't require me to spend any money!  (my husband was super happy to walk out with me only spending $1 for a doll stand which is for something completely different)

Anyways I made this sign for him which is a nick name and kind of an inside joke!  The board is 14x4 inches.  All I did was spray paint it a chocolate brown, stencil on the letters and then do a crackle finish with an antiquing medium to make the cracks stand out!

It was super cheap too since the board itself was from my stash (there were a bunch at goodwill for only $1 a piece so I grabbed a stack) plus I picked the paint from my stash on hand as well as the crackle medium!  This is why I like to stock up on craft things when they are cheap and I have coupons!  I only stalk up on paints that are colors I will use over and over again.  No need to buy a ton of purple paint or fake daisies if you will only ever want to use it for one project!  Neutral or versatile items are goods bets though.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Memo boards!

Well now that we have started hanging things in our new place I had to get these memo boards up!  Now I'm excited to start pinning up my inspiration like I do on Pinterest! (check out Pinterest it is LOVELY)

This is seriously clean for my Craft room and yes I made a giant cran in the 6th grade and STILL have it!  Thats my husbands old TV on my buffet... neither one could find a good place in our new apartment so they became apart of my craft room.

Please excuse the poor photos I was trying to beat the sun going down and didn't do the best job!

Supplies -
I bought some sound proofing board from home depot.  A huge piece 4x8 feet cost just under $12.  Then with some coupons for Joann's Fabric I got a few yards of fabric for grand total of $4!  Finally in the discount bin behind the frames section at Michaels I found a box of picture hanging hooks for only a $1!!

So all in all two 2x2 memo boards only cost me $17!  Plus I have more of the large sound proofing board to make more memo boards out of!

I laid the 2x2 board in the middle of my yard of fabric and wrapped it like a present!  Then of course put down some hot glue and busted out my staple gun to secure it.  I'm not hanging anything heavy so I just hot glued the hanging system in the middle!
Both boards for lots of inspiration space!
This is the pattern on the second board I put up!  I wanted intricate patterns in soft colors so I thought these worked Perfectly!

This is my little necklace or what have you hanging bar I made.  I did a crackle paint on it followed by a stain.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Lampshade redo with a little bit of a fail!

So I finally got around to redoing my Ikea light.  It always just seemed to blend into my walls which was BORING so I went for a drastic change!  I found 6 yards of dark burlap for $6 at a local thrift shop and busted it out!
Close up!

Luckily the lamp shade is plastic that can be undone and laid flat.  So I took it off and laid it out on the burlap and traced it's shape (it slants out just a little so it was kind of bowed).  Then I made a sleeve of burlap to slip over it.  I didn't want to make it permanent because I knew the dark burlap would cut down on a lot of light which might not be appropriate in future use.  I sewed the burlap sleeve together and then I tested that the lamp shade fit in.  Pulled it back out, slid in some cardboard and then started painting in the vinyl stencil I cut out from my Silhouette.

I think it finally stands out in it's corner now!  It has some pop back there!  The walls in our new place are a light tanish and our new curtains are a green with hints of brown.  I am still thinking of doing brown slipcovers on the couches and then painting the wood end tables in a light blue.  I like green, blue and brown together but I'm afraid the green curtains aren't the right shade of green.... hmm who knows.  This picture doesn't do the curtains justice really.
So I did four stencils on the lampshade so you can see it from where ever you are sitting!  So I like it for now... but here is the fail ...

At night you can see the seam of the sleeve and the stencils don't show up that well since they aren't really solid.  Oops.  It works for now though.  There are so many big windows in our new place that we rarely have lights on!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Giveaway Winner and Birthday Bags

Happy Wednesday!  I have a very special announcement for you all today.  The winner of my first giveaway is....... (drumroll please)....

Angela Bricker from Love Sweet Love!
I couldn't find your email so comment or send it to me so we can connect and get that gift card to you!

Thank  you to all who participated I can't wait to do another giveaway hopefully sooner rather than later!

Now for the Birthday Bags!

So these two sides are my favorite but I did them double sided with different graphics to have variety!

Both of these graphics I scanned in from a vintage embroidery booklet!

The light brown didn't turn out as well as I thought it would but he is a cute graphic.  I got both the owl and beaver from some scrapbook paper I have.

Two of my husband's sisters had birthday in the last month or two so when we went to see them over the long weekend he was able to gift these to them!  The bags were in the sale section at Joann's for $2 a piece and then I used my silhouette vinyl as a stencil and painted it in with my fabric paints!  Super cute and easy for a personalized gift!

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