Sunday, May 29, 2011

Giveaway Extension!

Hey all!  I'm not sure if you noticed Blogger had some issues and was hiding the "followers" widget!  Mine was kind of in and out for a few days and got some emails about not being able enter the giveaway because of that!

Plus it has been a great long weekend and I hope more of you were away from your computer than usual!  So in my happy relaxed mood I am extending the giveaway two days!  

The Giveaway will now close Tuesday night at midnight!  So if you haven't entered already get to it!  If you have already entered the giveaway post a comment with "Extensions Rock" for an extra entry!

Now I'm going back to watching some late night TV (swamp people) with my husband and relaxing before we have to go back to reality tomorrow!

Monday, May 23, 2011

$25 Michaels Giveaway!

I hit 100 Followers and since all of you awesome people have been supporting me I thought I would return the favor with a giveaway!  You know that project you've been putting off till you have a little bit more of a budget or those cute little extras you haven't indulged yourself in because your frugal side reminds you of the things you actually need?

Well I want to give one of you fabulous followers a $25 dollar gift card to Michaels to indulge yourself!  Sometimes it pays off to be a follower eh?

Sunday the 29th at midnight the giveaway will close and one lucky winner will be chosen!  So you have all week to enter but don't procrastinate because I would hate for you to miss out on a shopping trip to Michaels!

So here is how to Enter!

Become a Follower and leave a comment letting me know or let me know you are already a follower.  (pretty simple right?)

For extra entries -
  1. Leave a comment on this blog post telling me what you would do with the gift card!
  2. Like me on facebook and then leave a comment on this blog post letting me know!
  3. Share it via twitter, facebook, blog or what have you and leave me a comment for each one! (with a link to it if possible)

(remember each action should be its own separate comment and their authenticity will be checked!)

I will select the random winner with the help of!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Burlap Topiary!

I had all the best intentions of making this a great tutorial but in the heat of the moment I forgot to take some key pictures!  Oops!  Well anyways I love how these turned out and am so happy I finally got to put them together!  I have had the topiary forms for a few months now but waited to get into our new place to see where they would go and what they should really be like!

So by the way yes this is a sneak preview of the new living room!  We've been in two weeks now and haven't gotten to hanging things!  Soon soon... or at least I keep telling myself.  The issue is that the walls are extremely soft so taking out nails leaves a lot of damage behind.  So we want to be pretty sure of what goes where when we put it up!

 So for now I just place things wherever I can!  Oh an my new obsession is hiding things behind doors!  Thus the new media storage units!  The right one from target and its counter part from a thrift store!

Anyways back to the Burlap Topiaries!

Here was my supply list! (for two topiaries)
1 yard primary burlap (I found 6 yards at a thrift store!)
1/4 yard secondary burlap
2 Topiary form
2 flower pot
Moss or something for the base (dirt area)
hot glue gun
something to make a circle stencil (I used a soup can) - I had two different ones since I did smaller circles for the secondary burlap

How To:

1. Lay out burlap and fold in half.  Place soup can and begin tracing around it across the burlap in rows.  (I made 60 circles which yielded 120 burlap pieces from the primary burlap)

2.  Repeat the first step with secondary burlap but I only did 15 traces.

3.  Cut out all the circles (leave the fabric doubled up to cut two at a time)

4.  Pinch the circles in half and then pinch the other ends in to make a burlap flower.

5.  Now sew the end together to keep the folds in place.  No need to do anything fancy or worry about doing a stay stich they just need to stay together to get it to the glueing stage!

6.  Cut 1 inch wide strips of burlap the length of your yardage to wrap around the topiary form.

7.  Glue one end  of the strip and begin wrapping it around to cover the form.  Glue down end and repeat with another strip until it covers the whole form.  This will provide a base so that when you peek through the burlap flowers you don't see the form.

8.  Take one of the flowers and put the glue on the bottom tip then place it on the topiary.  I started at the very top and worked out and around from there.  They don't need to be super close since the flowers have body and the wrapped burlap saves any peek-a-boos.  I used about 50-60 primary flowers and 15 secondary flowers per topiary.

9.  Then I used some Spanish Moss I found at a thrift store to cover the base and add some green dimension!

10. Place them and enjoy!


So I know I missed a few photos but I hope it was a good tutorial anyways!  I absolutely love the dimension they have added to my living room so far!

Due to this post I finally hit my 100 follower mark so please check out my giveaway to allow me to say thanks to you all!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Thrift to Collage!

Well now that I have FREE TIME LOTS OF FREE TIME I am having so much fun!  I started making these two collages a few days ago with some left over canvas and fabulous little thrifty finds and left overs!  I had collected printed material from before 1923 to make sure I'm not running into copyright issues.  I scanned a lot in to have material to work with and not damage the originals!  The rest I pulled from scraps of stuff I have in my craft room!  Just think you could make a collage for a gift just from the scraps around your house!
Made from = 16x20 canvas, music from a vintage music teaching manual, buttons left over from my buttoniere and bouquet, thread from my first handmade dress, sheer fabric from goodwill, birds from a childrens math book, figures from a vintage dress pattern, dress pattern, burlap and water color.

Made from = 8x10 canvas, handwritten homework found in an old book, music from a vintage music teaching manual, figure from a tips for embroidery pamphlet, dress pattern, buttons left over from my buttoniere and bouquet, lace and water color.

Aren't they Lovely?  I really had a good time putting these together.  The bottom one I did first and it went pretty quick (2-3 hours) whereas the larger one took more time (6-7 hours spread over two days) because obviously I had more to do but also had to figure out how to fill the image appropriately.  It was really fun to see how things changed with the large one because I let the materials inspire me!  On the flip side I got frustrated because I couldn't figure out how to finish it at one point but I knew that something was missing.  Anyways I love the adventure in every collage!

Here are some more detail shots for you!

If you have any inspiring scenarios for me like "girl in ground with her hair sprouting flowers" (yes that is most likely my next one) please feel free to leave a comment with it!

Keep an eye out I am close to my 100 Follower mark which means.... MY FIRST GIVEAWAY!

Friday, May 13, 2011

A Place for Place mats!

Well now that our table actually has a place in our home I painted some place mats!  I haven't painted the table yet but that will come in due time.

I used my Silhouette AGAIN!  Yeah it was a great investment since I use it for EVERYTHING!  I made half the place mat at a time since they are huge Ikea mats!

Here is my design..
All I had to do was make two cuts with my silhouette a right side like above then I flipped it and cut a left side.  I was able to lay it down, paint it, peel it off and then repeat for each mat so that I didn't have to waste vinyl material which kept my costs down!

The place mats only cost a dollar each at Ikea and I obviously already had the silhouette, vinyl, plus I had the fabric paint on hand!  I used the same fabric paint I had already purchased for my Painted Shoes!
Our new house doesn't look empty but it definitely isn't done!  We should get to a "done-ish" point by tomorrow night!  We haven't hung a single thing yet so once we do all that I will take photos and show you before and afters!

Check out this great blog where I am linking up my Silhouette projects!  It is a blog party for all for crafty cutters!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Computer Vinyls!

For Hubby's birthday he got a new Mac Laptop so now we are matching.  Although we have different sizes we thought it would be fun to put some vinyls on them to differentiate between them!  Plus to feel cool!  So I whipped out my Silhouette and began designing and cutting!

So he picked a few band graphics for his...

and I made this one for myself...

I've been having a little problem with the Contact paper transferring onto different surfaces.  It didn't work on the computer at all!  The vinyl stayed on the contact paper verses it being left on the computer.  This also happened on a large tile I was trying do for a gift!  Not ok!!  Anyways I worked it out easily with Nathans since they were all one piece but mine was crazy hard to lay down on the computer.  So i'm not really sure how long it will last on my computer but we'll see!  I love it for now thats for sure.  Next time I'll do one not so intricate!

Check out this great blog where I am linking up my Silhouette projects!  It is a blog party for all for crafty cutters!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Versatile Blogger!!

WOW!  I was so excited to get a message from Angela Bricker over at Love Sweet Love that she had given me a Versatile Blogger Award!
It came at such a perfect time.  I just wrapped up the semester and was super busy packing.  So of course it has taken me a bit to post about this but it definitely made me giddy!  Plus I decided to search for all new bloggers to give to award the award to!

Anyways here is the deal -
1. Thank the person who gave you the award and link back to them.
2. Tell seven things about yourself.
3. Pay if forward and award the Versatile Blogger to 15 recently discovered new bloggers.
4. Contact everyone and let them know they've been awarded!

THANK YOU ANGELA!  She has such a cute blog!  Seriously go check it out ... NOW!

So seven things about me... (this was actually kind of hard for me!  I don't know what you want to know about me... I'm a person, I breathe :P )

  1. I am half way done with my Masters of Fine Arts degree!  I just finished the first year last week and already am trying to figure out what I will be doing over the summer to prep for next year.  So my life is literally full of crafting.  I go to my school studio and work on my art, teach and then come home to do crafts for the Hubs and I.  I love creating art but sometimes it is more fun to just come home and make CUTE things!
  2. I like to watch TV while crafting.  I know a lot of people like to put on music but in the last year or so I started just putting on a movie or tv show.  Somehow I multitask the two!  My husband doesn't get it but it totally works for me!  Except for the fact that I can go through a TV Season in 2-3 days!!!!  Any suggestions for TV shows or movies this summer?  I'll be putting in 7 hour crafting days!
  3. I only really came into my own Decorating style this year!  It started as I was planning my wedding trying to make it my own and now it continues to flourish in my newlywed bliss! (vintage frames, lace, paper epherma, birds and green)  The Hubs and I just moved into a new place (seriously only put my clothes in the closet an hour ago) and I am really excited to start decorating it with my personal touches!  It may not come out perfect but I sure am trying!
  4. I HATE bugs.  I just unloaded a whole can of bug spray in our new place to keep all the little pests out!  I even made my own poking stick a while back to smash spiders from a 4 foot distance!
  5. I grew up a TOTAL TOMBOY!  Honestly I was always the one girl on the basketball court playing with the boys.  It took me a long time to admit that some guys were stronger than me.  I have gotten to an age where I can admit I need help though!  I've always had more guy friends than girls (still not sure why) and I never wore a skirt unless I was forced to.  Now I wear a dress or skirt basically every other day because I find them more comfortable and I try to make friends with girls.... still working on that one though.
  6. I LOVE ice cream.  I honestly eat a cup almost every night!  Although for my dear sweet hips I make homemade chocolate sorbet or other lite ice creams!
  7. I have an abundance of stick notes because I am a total LIST MAKER due to the fact that I like to get things done!  Honestly I am the task master!  I'll even make lists of all the things to look for in the antique mall or at least a list of all the projects I am working on!  In fact I have 22 computer sticky notes and 12 on my phone and lots of little ones around the house and studio :)
Anyways enough about me!  

Here are some Fantastic blogs I found in the last few days.
{Nifty Thrifty Things}
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Occasionally Crafty
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Stuff and Nonesense
The Little Birdie Blog
The Sweet Survival
Two Twenty One
Two Friends Two Cities
Yellow Plus Blossoms

Hope you all enjoyed the tidbits about me and find some inspiration in the bloggers I nominated!

Thank you all for reading!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Moving? Missing? Off my Rocker?

Where have I gone?  Yes I've been a little absent.  I've been crafting, packing and icky sicky!  Seriously yesterday I was so sick that I was forced to be in bed all day and today I was loopy from all the extra energy of doing NOTHING for 24 hours!  However we started moving a few boxes today, a bunch more tomorrow and all the furniture on Saturday!  We are so excited to be in a new place but I hate packing... Unpacking is great but packing it up SUCKS!

Anyways please excuse my little absence!  I have a few things lined up to post about (I received a blog award, made vinyl graphics for our laptops and painted some place mats since I'll actually have a dining table in our new place) but I need to take pictures and have a  few mins to put the posts together!

So keep an eye out and PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE pray that we don't break anything in the move!  I am seriously excited about our new place (there will definitely be some transformation posts about that too)

Funny note about our new place... it was originally built as a senior assisted living house so there are some quirks about it but how fun to find crafty ways to over come them!

Have a great weekend!
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