Thursday, April 28, 2011

Shoe Makeover!

I love Vans.  I have bought so many different pairs I can't even remember them all.  I wear them A LOT except for this one pair.  I'm not a keep it white kinda gal because it's basically impossible for me.  The original plan for these was to get them spray painted by an artist at Pike Place Market in Seattle but I was lazy and by the time I got around to bringing them to him.... he had disappeared from the Market.  So they sat in my closet for a few years.

When my wedding rolled around I realized how great they would be for a back up set of shoes!  I totally ended up putting them on half way through my reception!  So I danced in my clean white Vans instead of toppling over in my heels.  It was one of my better decisions of the day.  Once that day was over though I was back to having a useless white pair of shoes!

Anyways I've been pretty stingy on spending money on shoes lately but it's coming into spring and most of my shoes are a few years old so I've been on the look out for cheap good and new shoes.  Then in struck me.... SHOE MAKEOVER!  I could paint my own shoes with the help of my Trusty Silhouette!  I seriously love my Silhouette it's magic!

So I measured the tops of my shoes and then started making a design in my Silhouette program.  I'm not really a fan of pink but some pink vinyl came in the discounted Silhouette kit I got so I thought this would be a good time to use it. (you could also try and use wax paper and iron it to the shoe)  Once I had come up with my springy/summer design for my shoes I cut it out and placed it on the shoe like a stencil.

I picked up some fabric paint from Michaels with the 20% off total purchase coupon they have right now.  I just did basic colors but with the bright White I knew they would pop!
Didn't they turn out great?  I am SO pleased with them.  Honestly I get finally use my shoes without being afraid to get them dirty and saved myself from needing a new pair of shoes!  Such a big savings.  The paints were only $4.50 total so it was a pretty cheap project on my end.

Check out this great blog where I am linking up my Silhouette projects!  It is a blog party for all for crafty cutters!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Light me Up - Switch Plate!

A little while back a friend of mine asked me to help her out with a gift for a friend and of course I said SURE!  She wanted to put a specific equation onto a light switch plate so I busted out my Silhouette software and did a mock up of it.
She liked it and we decided it would look really sleek as a black plate with white lettering!
The letters were SUPER small and honestly I don't think my Silhouette cutter enjoyed cutting them that small because it kept picking up a lot of the corners and sometimes full letters.  Any one else experienced this with the SIlhouette?  I like a lot of small detail so I'm not sure if that is the issue or maybe my blade is on wrong...?

Anyways once I got the full equation on I sprayed a few coats of sealer over the plate so that the everyday use wouldn't pull off the letters.

This project has me dreaming up all kinds of designs to do in my new place.  I think I might use the vinyl as more of a stencil though and paint in the designs due to the size.  Maybe some flowers or sunbursts?

We move in two weeks!  I'm so excited!

Check out this great blog where I am linking up my Silhouette projects!  It is a blog party for all for crafty cutters!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Crackled Monograms!

 Well an ampersand is still evading me but I do love my Monogram set!  I actually made these a little while back but never posted about them.  So I thought during this CRAZY busy time I would do a back post!

I made these with a crackle paint from Michaels.  I first coated it with brown paint, then crackle medium and finally my coat of green that crackled as the top coat!  I thought the Crackle paint idea was a great way to bring both our wedding colors together in the Monogram.

Please excuse the weird photos of them on a table but this apartment gets NO light.  Our new place though should get a lot more natural light which I am excited about.  Not to mention summer is on its way which means SUN.  Probably more sun (heat) than I would honestly like but oh well!

Well I have procrastinated for an hour now so it is time to finally get to work.  I am putting up my First year Master of Fine Arts show on Saturday and still have a lot of finishing touches to do!  Keep an eye out for a post on how my show goes!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Sprouting Spring Letters

I love making gifts for friends and family.  So now that I have some nieces I can go NUTS with crafting for them.  With spring in the air (on good days) I knew I wanted to work on some monogram stuff for the girls!

So here we are, "Sprouting Flowers" is easy and cheap!  I think the letters were a $1 each, yarn came from my stash (got some on sale for 2-$5) but only used a small portion for these, I think the long stick pole thing was $1 (I cut into 4 pieces), the plastic flowers came in little bundles of 9 stalks for $1 and finally the pots I got at a thrift store for .50 cents!

So for all three total I would say it cost me about $10! So you could easily do a monogram set for a person or for a couple with an ampersand!

 So I tried the N first which didn't go all that well.  It was tricky to wrap but I got the S down pretty easily.

I cut the plastic flower stalks down to fit the height of the pot, I grabbed a wad of brown yarn for the dirt and I stuck the pole and plastic flowers into foam!  (the white ribbon came from the plastic flower packaging)

 I love them they are so cute!  I made them as gifts but I think I'll have to make some for myself!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Spring Wreaths for the New Living Room!

I started these wreaths about three weeks ago but I got distracted and annoyed.  I was all excited because I saw these three straw wreaths at Salvation Army for $2.50 total!  Plus Jo-Ann had a deal on yarn.  So I went and picked out my new favorite colors (for our future living room).  Then started wrapping the wreath!  Only I didn't realize how hard it would be with a straw wreath because it it gets caught on EVERYTHING.  So it was taking FOREVER!  So I took a really long break from working on it.  I thought about and then would work on something else.

Then I finally realized I should just wrap it in duck tape!  It made the wrapping of the yarn SO much easier.  So while I only wrapped 1/3 of the large one the first time I worked on it... I finished all three in the night I tapped them off!  Then the next night I embellished then and now I get to enjoy them... Kind of.

They were actually made for my new living room but we aren't in there for another month so for now they are hung in a dark corner!  Still cute but I will have to show you what they look like in our new place once they go up in our living room!  Our new place has so many windows I will have fantastic light for shooting!  Sorry the not so great photos today but there was no way to bring anymore light into the area than I did.

Any ideas on the best way to hang these?  This is definitely not the way to hang these but for now it will work.
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