Friday, March 25, 2011

Paper Mache much?

This week has been NUTS for me.  Its a pretty tough time for all the grads in my program.  The second years are putting up their show in the WSU Art Museum while the first years (me included) are putting up one week shows in Gallery 2.  So I had a big grad crit of all my stuff last tuesday and realized I had to do a whole lot MORE than I thought I needed to. Dang.  So I've been busting my butt working on school stuff from 8am to 10 pm.  Seriously!  My show is in three weeks so most any crafting will be for my MFA stuff vs the home for a little bit.  However I need my sanity and I already have some half started projects.

So beyond photographing stuff what did I do?


Oh yeah so fun.  I just mixed up a batch of paper mache (one part flour two parts water) and tore up a bunch of printer paper since we didn't have any newspaper (plus I wanted an aged white finish).

Isn't this such a cute duckie?

I used thrift store objects to paper mache which I think could be a good option to change it up from painting things.... or just adding texture before painting!

This is as clean of a pic as I could get in my crazy studio at school!

Once you put 3-4 layers on you can cut the mold in half and remove the object.  Then you paper mache it closed and can paint it or leave it.

I'm loving them and I can't wait to do more!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Just one of those fabulous days!

Heck yeah it's a good day!

We've been in seattle all week so beyond being sleep deprived due to sharing a full bed (I don't share well... oops) we've loved being back in seattle!  Thrifting (my tiny car is full), visiting family and just chilling has filled our days.

So why is today so great?  Well N (husband) and I have been married for 3 months!  Sooooo long I know right :P  I still can't believe it sometimes but it has been fantastic and the journey has only just begun.

Plus I just reached 50 followers!!  N has been so supportive as I blog away during our nightlight watching of hulu.  (yes I pretty much ALWAYS multi-task).  Plus your support has been wonderful!  You are all so loving.  Anyways I really only got full swing into this blogging thing a month or two ago.  I stumbled into because I originally blogged about my wedding for friends and family but that wasn't really my passion.  So the blog has been reborn as a crafting blog and I LOVE it.  I can't get enough of it.  I am always crafting for my home, my grad school program (MFA) and for gifts so it really just comes naturally to me.
Not trying to show off my ring or anything but I thought this was HILARIOUS!  Does anyone else remember the "little hommies" they would sell in quarter vending machines?  This is one of them that I saved from the goodole days and he got some bling :P

***Stay tuned for a giveaway!!!!! ***
 I want to do one for the 100 follower mark.  What would you guys like in a giveaway?
- Anyone interested in doing a giveaway with me?

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Fantastic Embroidery Hoop Art

I have been thinking about Rachel at Maybe Matilda all day!  Seriously I just can't get her projects out of mind.

I came across her blog this morning and instantly loved it.  Then as I was scrolling through her projects I found this little beauty!

Seriously how freaking cute are these?  All she used was some scrap material, embroidery hoop, free hand machine sewing and a creative mind!  Maybe if enough of us comment on this blog post she will put up a tutorial!!!

Can't you see these in a kids craft room or a nursery?  Could make a great gift on a dime!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Twisted Necklaces


After showing my own Fabric Flower Necklace I had a hand full of friends ask for me to make them their own.  So once I took in their fabric orders I got busy twisting!

The group of girls (minus another black and white one I have yet to make).

If I named my necklaces I would have to call this one Sweet Tart.  I just think it screams sweet with the little twist of Polka dots on the blue!

I was skeptical about my friends color selection for this necklace but the blue and orange with a hint of yellow turned out great.  Never question the customer right?

This is a redo of my first Fabric Flower Necklace.

This one I'll be making a few more of!  One for myself and one for another friend.  Seriously I like how it could go with a class black dress to spice it up.  I see this one as probably the most anthro-ish.

I have loved making these!  Oh and let me tell you... spend the few extra dollars on a dual heat glue gun!!!  Your fingers will SERIOUSLY thank you.  Honestly the colder heat still melted the glue it stuck just as well but when it got on my fingers it didn't burn my fingerprints off!

So what do you guys think?  Which is your favorite color combo or what would you do?

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Massive dress to simple skirt

I hate shopping online!  Well at least for clothing because nothing is standard and I'm picky about how things fit!  However a few years ago I took a risk and bought a dress online and when it came it was HUGE!  I mean, SERIOUSLY too big.  Then I lost about 70 pounds and it might as well have been a blanket for me!
Seriously anyone want to join me in there?

Anyways I liked the pattern on the fabric and the design of the dress (if it had fit like the photo) so I kept the dress.  It was 4-5 sizes too big so I decided keeping it as a dress would be way too much work to bring in.  I'm still a novice to sewing.  So I decided a high waisted skirt would be doable and perfect in my wardrobe!
Yes I snapped this quickly in my school bathroom after I taught my class and just before we hit the road for spring break :P

So I basically just cut off the top, cut down straight down the front (because I wanted to get rid of the thick fabric in the middle front), cut off about 6 inches of waist, sewed it back up and put clasps on it!  I might go back and reinforce the waist band (it scrunches a bit right now).  Overall though its a great addition to my wardrobe and was easy to do!

What do you think?  Decent for a beginner?

The Hubs, his parents, and I are off to an antique show and sale, in hopes to find some great stuff.  Seriously the Northwest lacks in Rummage sales/Flea markets which makes me sad, so lets hope the antique show is fun!

Also remember Tomorrow March 13th is Daylight savings!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Fabric Flower Necklace

Lately my attention keeps getting caught on fabric flower neckalces so I decided to finally make myself one!  Plus with spring coming and all the crazy snow we've had bright colors have really been on my mind so I knew my first necklace had to pop with color!
(oh and also my silhouette sd machine isn't working so all the projects I had lined up for that are on the back burner)
You can't see it that well in these photos but the baby blue actually had little white polkadots!

I am calling it version 1.0 because I already see flaws in it that I want to change but I am still proud of my first shot at it!

At first I was trying to follow this tutorial however I just couldn't get ahold of the "rose" flowers so I went back to the twisted flowers I did for my headband.

I'll try again soon but heres how it went!
I grabbed all my "extra" fabric bits and tools (ruler, scissors, glue gun, glue, fabric, felt and extra trimmings just in case). Yes my craft desk is currently the dinning room table that is crammed in a corner behind our couch!  Oh and the stack of rolled blues and yellow fabric I picked up from a thrift store this weekend!
Started arranging them...  at first when you lay them down there will be gaps but as you glue them down to can press them up against each other to minimize felt showing through!
Glued them to the felt, cut away extra felt and glued on necklace parts!  I used to make a lot of necklaces so I hand all of that supplies on hand.

I personally like the frayed edges.  I also glued little bits in the center of two of the flowers.  However I didn't realize how even the composition was until I was done!  I apparently like to make things really close to symmetrical or even as I usually say!  So next time I'm thinking if I add in a third color I can get it a little more randomized feeling with some sort of balance :P

I've worn it for the past few days though because I think it is GREAT!

 - If anyone knows of any good video tutorials to do the folded flowers vs the twisted flowers let me know!  I think I would do better seeing a video to understand how exactly to fold the flower!

 - So as I mentioned in the beginning I can't get my silhouette sd machine to turn on!  They are sending me a replacement power cord to see if that is the issue but while I am waiting I am trying to come up with other projects to work on.  So stay tuned for some more fabric related projects for the next week or so.

 - One more thing - is it just the area I live in or have the thrift stores in general been low on furniture lately?  Honestly since Christmas all the ones around here have been really low (or completely empty) of furniture and low on donations in general!  I know it will pick up here in a bit as all the college kids move out this summer and get rid of stuff but still it seems odd to me!

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This necklace was featured!

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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Headband love... I feel so girly!

I usually get headaches when I wear headbands because they are too tight or something however this beauty is made from a t-shirt and is stretchy so thats its tight enough to stay on but not add pressure to my noggin!
I actually made two different ones and have a left over flower... so I might make another!

I used a fabulous tutorial from Craft Snob for the headband and her Flower tutorial too!  I already had some t-shirts on hand that I bought cheap for about $3 each I think.  I knew eventually they would be used to add some flowers or ruffles to something and well I've used a few of them at least once now!  Plus the lace I picked up at a thrift store for my wedding button bouquet which I think only cost $1.  So scraps really came in handy!  Portion wise each headband was probably like ten cents :P

Now let me remind you... I'm not the dainty type.  This means me and the glue gun like to fight... the burns on my hands can attest to that!

The head band was easy... except cutting straight lines.  Oops.  Anyways you just cut a strip 1 1/2inches wide.  Craft Snob says the length should be 2 inches shorter than the circumference of your head.  I couldn't really figure that out so I kind of freehanded it.  It is always easier to shorten it but lengthening doesn't really work.

Then I made some flowers.  I took long scraps, twisted it tight, folded it in half and let it spin around itself, glued the loose end together, used it as the center and started glueing it in the spiral.

Then I folded the scrap lace on the back and glued in the center.

I think it turned out well!

This was my first headband and flower plus my left over flower!

My second and final headband I did the big blue flower again with lace on the back and for the little flower I used a tiny piece of scrap lace, folded it over, added a little glue and used a safety pin to push it down in the center.
Then I just glued them to the head band an inch or so down from the center on one side.  Remember if you are doing two flowers stretch the material like it would be on your head and add the second otherwise when the fabric stretches the flowers are about an inch apart!

I seriously love them!  I feel so cute, girly and domesticated :P

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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Black and White - Photo link party!

Alrighty so you guys have heard mentions here and there about my Fine Art since I am working on my Masters of Fine Art which is like a full time job!  On that note while going through some Link parties I came across a Photography one.  I thought it might be nice to participate in these a share tidbits of my Photography work with you guys.

So here goes.  This time around the theme is Black and White!  (in two weeks it is Portrait with a twist and just you wait to see what I have for that...lets just say BUTTONS)

anyways Black and White!

The Maternity photos are my most recent in this group and the rest were actually done in 11th and 12th grade :P   I didn't do a lot of black and white in my undergrad as it was a commercial program we worked with a lot of color!  Honestly I didn't feel like editing photos today so I just pulled the nearest black and white photos I had!

Here are a few I have been working on lately.

So what do you think?  I'd really like to know what you get from theses last photos?  What thoughts, emotions ect.?

I am linking up here at Tracy's Trinkets & Treasures!
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