Monday, February 28, 2011

Serious Vanity Fail!!!

Ok so remember that great Vanity Nathan and I bought a few weeks ago?

Well now we are a little angry about it :(  However we are taking it as a learning curve.

When it was taken apart to go in our car we saw that the wood vanity piece that frames the mirror at the bottom needed to be re-glued... unfortunately we didn't look at it any closer than that or question it further.  When they took the mirror off, the piece of the vanity was attached to it... we didn't realize/think about it till it was home that the piece of wood was glued directly to the glass!

So not only was it glued to the glass directly, coming off on one side, but it was also screwed onto part of the support system for the mirror that made it push away from the glass.  So naively thinking it might come off easily since one side was already detached Hubs and I pulled up on the piece a little (seriously not very hard, see the sitting position) and then the glass CRACKED!!!!

Immediately I was thinking... "I have no idea how to replace this mirror... CRAP!".  So by then we realize that the mirror was obviously a goner but we still had to rip off the piece of vanity from the rest of it!

When we finally got the piece of vanity off of the mirror a piece came with it!  We aren't sure about the safest way to really get that little triangle piece of mirror off the wood still. So then you would think those big pieces that had cracked would come off too right?  Nope the mirror also seems to be glued to the back support system.  

Needless to say we aren't very impressed by the people who refurbished this before us and we are disappointed in ourselves that we didn't spot this mess ahead of time! (now we know :P I think I might start a page with advice about what to look for in a piece of used furniture before you buy it and have others add to it as well.)

So now a question... How do we replace this mirror for our vanity?  The piece off wood that goes to the vanity as the bottom mirror support (which was glued to the mirror and not even in the right place) has a little lip that the mirror should sit in, but it is slightly rounded.  Where do you buy mirrors like this?
Did I just ruin the resale value?  Can I sell it without a mirror?

Right now the vanity is being used for a fine art piece I am building out so I'm in no real rush at the moment but I would like to get this figured out in the next 4-6 weeks I think.  

In other news... It is snowing like crazy here in Pullman... is it bad that I hope so much snow comes down that school will be cancelled tomorrow so I can relax and craft all day?
I dunno but me and the hubs were pretty disappointed yesterday about the mirror so I could really use a few goods crafts gone fabulous to cheer me up!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Green with...?

So in a tizzy of excitement Nathan and I bought some curtains for the apartment we have on hold... but don't move into until May!!  Did we get a little excited?  I think so.  However the curtains were only $9.99 a piece and we need a LOT of them because we practically have windows instead of walls.  I had tried looking up if I could buy fabric and make my own but I want full length curtains so the math I did up couldn't beet the 9 panels I had to buy at 7ft long.  Plus I let Nathan make the color decision for the drapes so we went with Green.  It wasn't until recently I kind of started worrying ... I've never decorated with green before.

The panels we got are a Sage Green for our living room and dining room.

So now I am trying to figure out what colors I want to play with in those areas.  So in my mini panic I started looking for pics online for inspiration.  Pottery Barn definitely had some!

So obviously I am seeing a lot of neutrals with creams, browns and blues.  So I might have to rethink painting my entertainment system black?  Also Nathan and I apparently spill a lot on the couch so I was thinking of getting a slipcover in a dark brown.  I am fighting with my normal fall backs of liking dark things but wanting a light room.  So can I wash a slipcover enough to go with a light creamy white opposed to a dark brown?

Any color suggestions for us?

Oh so many thoughts.  I just want to go into our new place with a game plan but it is decently hard since I haven't seen our stuff in that space yet.  Oh well it will all work out!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Vinyl Tile Love!

I mentioned before I was making some gifts for people.. then I procrastinated and had to  bust out two sets of 8 vinyl coaster tiles for my Grandpa and another family friend in the morning all before we left for seattle!  Both of them loved them but I definitely see room for improvement!

Example of one word in the set!

First off I got my tiles from the Habitat Store for 5 cents a piece!  Seriously 16 tiles for under a dollar... YES PLEASE!

Then I finally set up my own silhouette machine for its first project. (I had borrowed my sister in laws before I got my own)  I edited up the designs and then hit "cut" and watched the craziness that happens as the machine cuts away at the vinyl!

Now for the hardest part...
Seriously the tiles are 4x4 so the text lines were cut SO SMALL!  I honestly don't know what I get myself into sometimes but it was so tedious to pull the vinyl away from the thin delicate lines.  I was so glad I bought this little hook tool from the silhouette store when I bought the machine!  It took me an hour to do the first 8 tiles... kind of a learning curve!

So then I busted out the transfer paper and put the vinyl on that and then placed the transfer with vinyl on the tile (I didn't quite figure out the best way to do the lining up but oh well).

Ok so my hand looks a little demented but thats just me applying pressure to burnish the vinyl onto the tile.  Since they are going to be used as coasters I wanted to make sure the vinyl wasn't going anywhere.
Then I pulled the transfer paper away and made sure none of the vinyl came with.

About three hours later I had 16 coasters all made up! (two of each)

So there you go!  I have given both sets away already but if you want one I can make up a set or a custom set for you of 8 coasters for just $15 plus shipping.  these were done on a light pink tile but I have since picked up a few sets of black and a few of white.  So there are options!

Anyways I hope you enjoyed this I know it was a fun adventure for myself.  In a few weeks here I'll have another vinyl adventure for a birthday gift I am making!

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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Inspiration Spotlight to end the day!

We made the long and fairly boring 5 hour drive from Pullman to Seattle today but it feels good to be back on the westside if only for a little bit.  I wanted so badly to have just gone through my google reader list for the whole drive because is building up on me but no... there is little to no service in the middle of fields.  Anyways we got to catch up with some family over dinner.  Then hubby went to a concert while I stayed at home with a headache and spent some time with my Gpa.

THEN FINALLY I get to take a crack at my reader list and I come across AMAZINGNESS on knack!

  I want to make one for everyone now!  Or you can always buy one from Cranny on Etsy!!!  I can totally imagine this in our next apartment to lighten up the space and make it a little playful!  Seriously cute and perfect for Spring so go check them out.  Don't forget to check out the blog knack where I found this at!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Hardware and thrifty finds to get the creativity flowing

I feel stuck a little.  Grad school is basically a full time job for me where I create 8am-3pm every day (oh shucks right?).  It can be a little draining though so then I come home and wish to work on things for the home but I can't seem to settle into my craft room.  It got cleaned up when Nathan moved in, then storage got moved in there and now I'm having problems dirtying it up only to move in May and have to clean it all up again.  Maybe it's just a rut right now.

So I've been in a collectors mode.  I keep thrifting and finding projects I want to do in our new place but honestly the laundry list is starting to get scary long!  I am working on a few gifts for people right now which I will show you soon (one is a birthday gift though so I can't show it until it has been given of course)!

ANYWAYS I had so much fun photographing some of my recent finds.

BIRDS!!!!  I know birds and bird cages are kind of the "thing" right now but I've been diggin them for a while now.  I actually got into them (and metal in general) when I started planning for my wedding last year and now they are stuck with me.  The large black one above was actually in my wedding decor then I found the two birds at Salvation Army and updated it for the house!  Since then I've been looking for more birds which was hard because I am apparently picky.  Then in an antique store I stumbled across an almost matching pair of birds!

So I have a mass love for milk glass!  They are so cute and versatile.  So I picked up this new beauty because it is a different shape and height from my other ones, thus a perfect addition to the lot!

Have I mentioned I love ornate frames?  I picked up a mirror because I liked the shape and then these two little round frames to add to my ornate collection.

Since spring is trying to bud in the air I have been on a flower kick.  Or at least a plant kick but I'm terrible at keeping real ones alive so I grabbed these 5 wicker stars, brass planter and 3 metal flowers for $5!  I think the stars and flowers will be painted and made into plant like things for my home!  We need a little spring in our step!

HARDWARE!  These are representatives for all the pieces I have picked up in the last few weeks!  I usually get them for a dollar a piece in 8 piece bundles!

While I find a lot of these at antique and thrift stores I came upon a jack pot at the Habitat Store!  It was nice to find one kind of close to me since I miss the ReStore back in Seattle.  Look for your local Habitat store before going to your local hardware store.  I also picked up 4in tiles for .05 cents a piece and a big 12 inch one of .75 cents!!!  They have a little of everything!

Hope you enjoy seeing all our finds and I can't wait till we start using them!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Antique shopping and bargain finds

My wonderful husband sacrificed sleeping in till noon to go thrifting/antiquing with me for SIX hours today!  We left Pullman at 10 and didn't get back until 6pm or so.  Mind you there was an hour drive to get to our destination town.

We eventually got down to Clarckston/Lewiston area and started going to all the antique and thrift stores my map our our eyes could find.  Some stores obviously had better finds than others but overall it was a great day!

This 4 foot bad boy mirror might get a new paint job but otherwise is in GREAT condition and came from our first Thrift Store Stop!

Probably the funniest moment of the day for me came when I peeked around the corner in an antique shop to find the Top staring at the Bottom.  Mind you my camera had a flash so this little mannequin rendezvous was actually much shaddier in nature :P

After a long day at 4pm we found the greatest antique gem of them all THE HANGAR!  I knew the minute we pulled up this place had to great purely by the amount of things weathering outside.  
Don't be alarmed by his face.  We had to deal with the TERRIBLE stench of the paper factory all day and by hour six we were not even close to being used to it!

We found a lot of great stuff in here (although I only walked out with one thing) this little beauty of a beauty salon hair blow dryer won't leave my mind.  I mean honestly how funny is this?  I wonder if I can use it in an art piece?

Of course I also have expensive taste!  Remember how I mentioned I wanted to find an armoire wardrobe for my hubby?  Well I spotted this handsome fellow across the room and dashed over... but the almost $900 price tag kept me from falling in love.  I love the detail on top but can't justify it.  Plus it so would not have fit in my little car!

Then once we had been in this maze like antique emporium of great goodies we found it.  The one beauty of a vanity we would call ours.  On sale too!  

So we loaded her up and took her home!

Look at the hardware!  I don't think I'll even want to replace it!  It is wonderful as is!  We might touch up the paint or redo it (although for now it works just fine) and we need to secure the mirror a little bit more.

I got a lot of other goodies but haven't photographed them yet so I'll share them soon but not tonight.  The Hangar Mall was seriously the highlight of our antiquing day.  I can't wait to go back again and spend more time there.  I honestly think I could spend two hours in there without even noticing or finding everything.

*Big thanks to my wonderful husband for driving around all day to please my thrift hunting craving
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