Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Ice Cream Bonanza!

So I have been an ice cream making fool ever since we got back to Pullman.  I've been perfecting a few recipes but mainly trying different ones and definitely trying different mix ins.

 Our first try we used a chocolate mix from Williams-Sonoma.  Which meant all we had to do was add milk and half and half.   Then pour it in the ice cream maker and pull it out 20 mins later.  However Nathan asked for some vanilla chips to be mixed in.  So I chopped them up.  However I did WAY to many!  It was good but crazy high calorie!  So no that isn't a serving of ice cream for me that is the bowl we froze it in... and ate straight out of!

Then I tried some frozen yogurt which I mixed black berries into which didn't turn out to be my favorite.  It isn't the worst but I should work on it so that it doesn't taste like I just put yogurt into the freezer.

Then we started the mix in madness.  We did twix to get the ball rolling followed by reese's pieces for our nieces, nerds and last night we did pretzel M&Ms.

However I don't have the metabolism that my dear husband has so while I use half&half with heavy whip in his ice cream I opt for fat free half&half with not fat ice cream.  It is no where near as creamy as my husbands but I still enjoy it and get my ice cream fix until I get down to my goal weight.

So if any of you are ice cream junkies like I am (I literally have ice cream every day) then i seriously suggest buying an ice cream maker.  It saves money and you get to do anything you want!  I mean seriously Nerds in vanilla ice cream?

Monday, January 17, 2011

Honeymoon Madness

Well Hello.... welcome back to my long lost blog!
I got so busy with wedding stuff, my students finals, my finals ect. that I had to abandon ship for my own sanity for a while.  However I am back and will be revamping/updating things.  I'll even be dipping back into the past to show you some cool projects I did but never got the chance to share!  For tonight though... the honeymoon!

We didn't do much but relax... and we usually only thought about taking pictures after the fact but here are some highlights!
The BIG day was coming to a close and we finally made it to the hotel a married couple!

Once we were in Mexico we met the colorful wildlife that our resort randomly had around!

Yes I chased this hummingbird around to get a few good pictures!

While attempting to actually leave our unit we realized that our wonderful idea to close the gate backfired since it locked and we didn't have a key for it!  Whoopsy

They had these giant sand sculptures being created, some done and some colored!  I just think the top one is funny that he is working so hard on it but the Feliz Navidad is so simple!

This is our new friend who offered to take a photo of us... we discovered later we not only have his lovely finger in our photo but he left of a masterful self-portrait!

I played Bocce Ball for the first time and gave him a run for his money but.... he still won.

For our final night we went to the BEST place for dinner.  We should have gone there long before but we know that for next time now.  This was the view from our table.  These lights are great but being on the water was great.

So we ordered our food and this lovely came out first.  I thought "Did I hear Nathan's order wrong?  Nope he looks confused too.  Did they bring us the wrong thing?  Wait what did he just lift out of this green stuff?  Is that? Really?"
Stewing in this large stone bowl covered in Verde sauce was our string cheese!  These things were huge and great but I was so confused at first!  Definitely different!

The food was great and the restaurant was wonderful but the portions were so big it looks like I barely touched the food!  I will find a way to recreate these lights for myself someday!

It was a great week but we were ready to head home finally and spend some time in Seattle before heading back to school!

Now we are home, moved in, started up school and even crafting some wonderful stuff already!  I will share those soon but I figured one thing at a time.

(for those of you wondering ... yes I have two blogs!  This one is for news about Nathan and I and crafty home decor stuff while the other is for my MFA and Fine Arts stuff)

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Dressed to Invite

Finally got the invites out to everyone who gave me their addresses.  A few got bounced back to me but thanks to Nathan stamping and stuffing all the invites they were all PERFECT!

My wonderful grandma Lee gave me a sewing machine as an early wedding gift so I finally started using it.  I haven't sewn a single thing since the 5th grade and even then they were draw string camo orange pants!  So on a whim I went through Joann Fabric and found a sale on Butterick Patterns 99 cents per pattern so naturally I bought 8 of them!

Anyways I picked up a few of the 1952 retro patterns and this is the one I took on first!

With Nathan's mom on the phone I picked out some fabric for the dress.  It was some "Keepsake Calico" fabric that was on sale which I think is actually a quilting fabric technically.  A nice green with a small leaf/twig pattern.   I was surprised it only took me four days to make the dress with my stumbling blocks and of course my normal daily life stuff I have to get done (school).  Anyways I took it slow and messed up on a few things but overall I feel pretty accomplished for finishing my first dress!!


In a total of an hour and a half I taught myself how to make a boutonniere made of buttons.  I came across a photo of one a while back while looking through wedding stuff.  Only now I don't know where I got it from.

So here is how you can do it for yourself!

Buttons (3-4 buttons per flower)
Floral wire (22 gage)
Pin (something to fasten it the boutonniere with)
Wire cutters

Step 1:
Select 3-4 buttons (setting them on top of each other helps to show you what the flower will end up looking like)

Step 2:
Loop the floral wire through the button holes.

Step 3:
To keep buttons tight together wrap one wire around the other as a kind of stopper.

Step 4:
Twist the rest of the wire together.

Step 5:
Repeat steps 1-4 until you have the number of desired flowers for your boutonniere. I like five usually but I made one with seven that I like too.

Step 6:
Arrange the boutonniere how you like it and wrap another floral wire around the bottom.

Step 7:
Trim off extra floral wire with the wire cutters

Step 8:
Hold the pin to the back of the boutonniere and wrap floral wire around it to secure it to the boutonniere and also camouflage it.

Now take a look at your new master piece :)

I did step 1-6 last night for the two groomsmen boutonnieres and for my main squeeze's.
Then I went and picked up the pins from Fusion Beads (love that store... so much more than beads).  All together I really don't think I spent more than 90 mins on this project and I think they turned out GREAT!

I'm going to make my bouquets out of buttons too.  I'm sure the arranging is going to be a little more difficult though!  However it is fun to make the button flowers!

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Blog Rebirth

Well I just went through a lot of old posts and deleted them.  There are a few hanging around still that I should let go of but have some kind of attachment issues with.

Anyways I had originally started blogging because I was getting married and wanted to share all the planning with people.  However I was crazy busy all the time so it didn't go very well.

I am still busy but I am usually busy with crafts and a happily married lady now so I decided to give my blog a rebirth.  This blog is dedicated to All things crafty in my life.  My hubby and I go thrifting most weekends, I craft most nights and we both go to school full time.

I hope the revamp wasn't a pain in your butt I just thought I needed to purge a few unrelated things!
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