Friday, March 18, 2011

Just one of those fabulous days!

Heck yeah it's a good day!

We've been in seattle all week so beyond being sleep deprived due to sharing a full bed (I don't share well... oops) we've loved being back in seattle!  Thrifting (my tiny car is full), visiting family and just chilling has filled our days.

So why is today so great?  Well N (husband) and I have been married for 3 months!  Sooooo long I know right :P  I still can't believe it sometimes but it has been fantastic and the journey has only just begun.

Plus I just reached 50 followers!!  N has been so supportive as I blog away during our nightlight watching of hulu.  (yes I pretty much ALWAYS multi-task).  Plus your support has been wonderful!  You are all so loving.  Anyways I really only got full swing into this blogging thing a month or two ago.  I stumbled into because I originally blogged about my wedding for friends and family but that wasn't really my passion.  So the blog has been reborn as a crafting blog and I LOVE it.  I can't get enough of it.  I am always crafting for my home, my grad school program (MFA) and for gifts so it really just comes naturally to me.
Not trying to show off my ring or anything but I thought this was HILARIOUS!  Does anyone else remember the "little hommies" they would sell in quarter vending machines?  This is one of them that I saved from the goodole days and he got some bling :P

***Stay tuned for a giveaway!!!!! ***
 I want to do one for the 100 follower mark.  What would you guys like in a giveaway?
- Anyone interested in doing a giveaway with me?


  1. HOMEmomMADEMarch 20, 2011 11:28 PM

    congrats! I remember the climb and am still on it... I'll be 53 but cpu is acting up. My hubby wasn't so enthused about the "blogging" until I started making money doing it lol.

    I'll be back .)

  2. recklessblissMarch 25, 2011 8:23 AM

    Hi Kaitlin! Just wanted to tell you your blog is super cute. Good luck with gaining followers and your future giveaway. I was super excited to do my first one and it actually doubled my followers in the first couple days so they're a really awesome tool. I've done quite a few now and I would suggest browsing sites like Etsy and just finding stores you personally like then approaching the seller about maybe teaming up for a giveaway. Sometimes you get a big fat "Get lost!" but sometimes you get success too! All the luck and feel free to stop by Reckless Bliss sometime if you wanna chat!

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