Monday, February 28, 2011

Serious Vanity Fail!!!

Ok so remember that great Vanity Nathan and I bought a few weeks ago?

Well now we are a little angry about it :(  However we are taking it as a learning curve.

When it was taken apart to go in our car we saw that the wood vanity piece that frames the mirror at the bottom needed to be re-glued... unfortunately we didn't look at it any closer than that or question it further.  When they took the mirror off, the piece of the vanity was attached to it... we didn't realize/think about it till it was home that the piece of wood was glued directly to the glass!

So not only was it glued to the glass directly, coming off on one side, but it was also screwed onto part of the support system for the mirror that made it push away from the glass.  So naively thinking it might come off easily since one side was already detached Hubs and I pulled up on the piece a little (seriously not very hard, see the sitting position) and then the glass CRACKED!!!!

Immediately I was thinking... "I have no idea how to replace this mirror... CRAP!".  So by then we realize that the mirror was obviously a goner but we still had to rip off the piece of vanity from the rest of it!

When we finally got the piece of vanity off of the mirror a piece came with it!  We aren't sure about the safest way to really get that little triangle piece of mirror off the wood still. So then you would think those big pieces that had cracked would come off too right?  Nope the mirror also seems to be glued to the back support system.  

Needless to say we aren't very impressed by the people who refurbished this before us and we are disappointed in ourselves that we didn't spot this mess ahead of time! (now we know :P I think I might start a page with advice about what to look for in a piece of used furniture before you buy it and have others add to it as well.)

So now a question... How do we replace this mirror for our vanity?  The piece off wood that goes to the vanity as the bottom mirror support (which was glued to the mirror and not even in the right place) has a little lip that the mirror should sit in, but it is slightly rounded.  Where do you buy mirrors like this?
Did I just ruin the resale value?  Can I sell it without a mirror?

Right now the vanity is being used for a fine art piece I am building out so I'm in no real rush at the moment but I would like to get this figured out in the next 4-6 weeks I think.  

In other news... It is snowing like crazy here in Pullman... is it bad that I hope so much snow comes down that school will be cancelled tomorrow so I can relax and craft all day?
I dunno but me and the hubs were pretty disappointed yesterday about the mirror so I could really use a few goods crafts gone fabulous to cheer me up!


  1. ConnieFebruary 28, 2011 7:40 PM

    I will ask the grandpa G about it. I'll show him the blog. Maybe he'll have a few thoughts.

  2. A Lot of Drawings!February 28, 2011 11:13 PM

    No!!! It was so beautiful! I hope there's a way to fix it. I know the snow is fabulous! I hope we all get the day off!!

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