Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Hardware and thrifty finds to get the creativity flowing

I feel stuck a little.  Grad school is basically a full time job for me where I create 8am-3pm every day (oh shucks right?).  It can be a little draining though so then I come home and wish to work on things for the home but I can't seem to settle into my craft room.  It got cleaned up when Nathan moved in, then storage got moved in there and now I'm having problems dirtying it up only to move in May and have to clean it all up again.  Maybe it's just a rut right now.

So I've been in a collectors mode.  I keep thrifting and finding projects I want to do in our new place but honestly the laundry list is starting to get scary long!  I am working on a few gifts for people right now which I will show you soon (one is a birthday gift though so I can't show it until it has been given of course)!

ANYWAYS I had so much fun photographing some of my recent finds.

BIRDS!!!!  I know birds and bird cages are kind of the "thing" right now but I've been diggin them for a while now.  I actually got into them (and metal in general) when I started planning for my wedding last year and now they are stuck with me.  The large black one above was actually in my wedding decor then I found the two birds at Salvation Army and updated it for the house!  Since then I've been looking for more birds which was hard because I am apparently picky.  Then in an antique store I stumbled across an almost matching pair of birds!

So I have a mass love for milk glass!  They are so cute and versatile.  So I picked up this new beauty because it is a different shape and height from my other ones, thus a perfect addition to the lot!

Have I mentioned I love ornate frames?  I picked up a mirror because I liked the shape and then these two little round frames to add to my ornate collection.

Since spring is trying to bud in the air I have been on a flower kick.  Or at least a plant kick but I'm terrible at keeping real ones alive so I grabbed these 5 wicker stars, brass planter and 3 metal flowers for $5!  I think the stars and flowers will be painted and made into plant like things for my home!  We need a little spring in our step!

HARDWARE!  These are representatives for all the pieces I have picked up in the last few weeks!  I usually get them for a dollar a piece in 8 piece bundles!

While I find a lot of these at antique and thrift stores I came upon a jack pot at the Habitat Store!  It was nice to find one kind of close to me since I miss the ReStore back in Seattle.  Look for your local Habitat store before going to your local hardware store.  I also picked up 4in tiles for .05 cents a piece and a big 12 inch one of .75 cents!!!  They have a little of everything!

Hope you enjoy seeing all our finds and I can't wait till we start using them!


  1. CarisaFebruary 15, 2011 7:57 PM

    I am so jealous of all your fixtures! Great finds!

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