Friday, February 25, 2011

Green with...?

So in a tizzy of excitement Nathan and I bought some curtains for the apartment we have on hold... but don't move into until May!!  Did we get a little excited?  I think so.  However the curtains were only $9.99 a piece and we need a LOT of them because we practically have windows instead of walls.  I had tried looking up if I could buy fabric and make my own but I want full length curtains so the math I did up couldn't beet the 9 panels I had to buy at 7ft long.  Plus I let Nathan make the color decision for the drapes so we went with Green.  It wasn't until recently I kind of started worrying ... I've never decorated with green before.

The panels we got are a Sage Green for our living room and dining room.

So now I am trying to figure out what colors I want to play with in those areas.  So in my mini panic I started looking for pics online for inspiration.  Pottery Barn definitely had some!

So obviously I am seeing a lot of neutrals with creams, browns and blues.  So I might have to rethink painting my entertainment system black?  Also Nathan and I apparently spill a lot on the couch so I was thinking of getting a slipcover in a dark brown.  I am fighting with my normal fall backs of liking dark things but wanting a light room.  So can I wash a slipcover enough to go with a light creamy white opposed to a dark brown?

Any color suggestions for us?

Oh so many thoughts.  I just want to go into our new place with a game plan but it is decently hard since I haven't seen our stuff in that space yet.  Oh well it will all work out!


  1. KarleeFebruary 28, 2011 5:54 PM

    Depending on the size of your couch I think a dark brown would be okay. Perhaps keep your walls a crip white or cream. With some cream and sage accent pillows. Just a thought, I am no decorator. Good luck!

  2. gabriellecatoMay 21, 2011 5:14 PM

    my mom made slipcovers for our hand me down furniture to tie them together out of white canvas drop cloths from lowe's! they are so awesome! sturdy, soft, bleach-able, and with a baby and two dogs and a husband the only stain i have not been able to get out is blue ink from one of my sharpies.

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