Sunday, February 6, 2011

Apartment Life

Well it's official my Grandpa fully spoiled me when I got to live in his house for a year while he was away.  I mean honestly almost an entire house for just myself.  Then I moved out here to pullman and filled an entire two bedroom apartment all by my lonesome.  (Not to pass by the fact that out here apartments aren't kept up very well and are pretty old unlike my Grandpa's)  Now that Nathan and I tied the knot he moved in and brought his stuff with him ... into my already full apartment.

(Please excuse the not so great photos.  Our apartment is rather dark and I ran around with my iphone late at night so that my ramblings would have some visual stimulation for you!)

So we bought a few more things to store stuff, I did a lot of adding and rearranging PLUS I got to pull some stuff off of my craft shelves to use as decoration!
(my new buffet, the bulletin board I made, and some decoration pieces that were in hiding until now)

The two best storage things we bought were a buffet which I am in LOVE with but need to refurbish and what I call our "niner" which is just a little 9 whole cubby.  Adding these two things to our living room allowed me to bust out the bulletin board I made, my milk glass bottles and lots of other little things.

This is a detail of the Buffet which is red... not really my thing but that will change.  I have to replace some of the hardware too but the refurb projects are just pilling up until we move in May and have a garage to do it in rather than a second bedroom.

These are all little things I've picked up at thrift stores.  I love daffodils so I had to nab those, milk glass vases can be very versatile and the tan potpourri adds shape and texture in many projects!

So this is our new little "niner" it allows me to showcase some of my "stuff" as Nathan calls it and I also have the beginnings of my craft-how-to books.  I'm pretty sure those two empty shelves will be full in a month :P  I also get to showcase a few of our wedding things on this book case.  The tile and vinyl "G" given to us by an Aunt, our sign in book, engagement photobooks and my button-bouquet!

Here is a detail of the Vinyl "G" and sign in book which I should take photos of and blog later because the Photobooth idea at our wedding reception ROCKED!

This little detail is of my Button-Bouquet, vases with left over buttons and the lovely Pottery Barn flower that Kennley gave me (which looks so real that my grandpa tried to water once).

Here is my other bookcase which used to hold everything and have a little space to give... not so much now.  I'll rearrange it all again when we move most likely since now that I am looking at this pic I don't like the way it is set up!

As you can see with the above image I've started a bit of a vintage camera collection.  Most of them are in working order and I have tried using!  Except for the Duaflex's which I use for their viewfinders anyways.  We picked this little beauty up a few weeks ago at a local antique store!

This little biddy is another thing I put up in our redecorating.  The postcard looking images are actually some blank cards that a friend gave me for my birthday and the frame I got from a thrift store.  I need to figure out a new way to hang it because I stuck the images straight to the wall in the empty frame so the wire is exposed.

So I've changed things up but overall the flow of our apartment isn't doing it for me right now.  However we are moving in a few months so I don't see the point in revamping things even more.  I'll start fresh soon enough!

I already have a long list of refurbishing furniture we already have...Dresser, Knight stands, Buffet, another empty frame, Coffee table, Coat rack, and the biggest project of all will be to build and entertainment center from the Cabin Collection on Ana White's website.

So I have a lot planned for this summer but we'll see what I do between now and then.


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