Saturday, February 12, 2011

Antique shopping and bargain finds

My wonderful husband sacrificed sleeping in till noon to go thrifting/antiquing with me for SIX hours today!  We left Pullman at 10 and didn't get back until 6pm or so.  Mind you there was an hour drive to get to our destination town.

We eventually got down to Clarckston/Lewiston area and started going to all the antique and thrift stores my map our our eyes could find.  Some stores obviously had better finds than others but overall it was a great day!

This 4 foot bad boy mirror might get a new paint job but otherwise is in GREAT condition and came from our first Thrift Store Stop!

Probably the funniest moment of the day for me came when I peeked around the corner in an antique shop to find the Top staring at the Bottom.  Mind you my camera had a flash so this little mannequin rendezvous was actually much shaddier in nature :P

After a long day at 4pm we found the greatest antique gem of them all THE HANGAR!  I knew the minute we pulled up this place had to great purely by the amount of things weathering outside.  
Don't be alarmed by his face.  We had to deal with the TERRIBLE stench of the paper factory all day and by hour six we were not even close to being used to it!

We found a lot of great stuff in here (although I only walked out with one thing) this little beauty of a beauty salon hair blow dryer won't leave my mind.  I mean honestly how funny is this?  I wonder if I can use it in an art piece?

Of course I also have expensive taste!  Remember how I mentioned I wanted to find an armoire wardrobe for my hubby?  Well I spotted this handsome fellow across the room and dashed over... but the almost $900 price tag kept me from falling in love.  I love the detail on top but can't justify it.  Plus it so would not have fit in my little car!

Then once we had been in this maze like antique emporium of great goodies we found it.  The one beauty of a vanity we would call ours.  On sale too!  

So we loaded her up and took her home!

Look at the hardware!  I don't think I'll even want to replace it!  It is wonderful as is!  We might touch up the paint or redo it (although for now it works just fine) and we need to secure the mirror a little bit more.

I got a lot of other goodies but haven't photographed them yet so I'll share them soon but not tonight.  The Hangar Mall was seriously the highlight of our antiquing day.  I can't wait to go back again and spend more time there.  I honestly think I could spend two hours in there without even noticing or finding everything.

*Big thanks to my wonderful husband for driving around all day to please my thrift hunting craving


  1. ConnieFebruary 12, 2011 10:52 PM

    Lovely little vanity! I like it as is.

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