Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Ice Cream Bonanza!

So I have been an ice cream making fool ever since we got back to Pullman.  I've been perfecting a few recipes but mainly trying different ones and definitely trying different mix ins.

 Our first try we used a chocolate mix from Williams-Sonoma.  Which meant all we had to do was add milk and half and half.   Then pour it in the ice cream maker and pull it out 20 mins later.  However Nathan asked for some vanilla chips to be mixed in.  So I chopped them up.  However I did WAY to many!  It was good but crazy high calorie!  So no that isn't a serving of ice cream for me that is the bowl we froze it in... and ate straight out of!

Then I tried some frozen yogurt which I mixed black berries into which didn't turn out to be my favorite.  It isn't the worst but I should work on it so that it doesn't taste like I just put yogurt into the freezer.

Then we started the mix in madness.  We did twix to get the ball rolling followed by reese's pieces for our nieces, nerds and last night we did pretzel M&Ms.

However I don't have the metabolism that my dear husband has so while I use half&half with heavy whip in his ice cream I opt for fat free half&half with not fat ice cream.  It is no where near as creamy as my husbands but I still enjoy it and get my ice cream fix until I get down to my goal weight.

So if any of you are ice cream junkies like I am (I literally have ice cream every day) then i seriously suggest buying an ice cream maker.  It saves money and you get to do anything you want!  I mean seriously Nerds in vanilla ice cream?


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